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What We Do

Rauch Manages Client Program Initiatives Across Diverse Agricultural Verticals Worldwide

Studies show that by 2050, the world will have 3 billion more mouths to feed than it does today, with demand for food rising by 50%, and population centers continuing to be located farther from the traditional source of food–rural farms.

The agriculture sector is at a critical point; technological innovations, investment, and much needed policy
improvements together, have the potential to enable sustainable agricultural practices for farmers, helping them to adapt to climate conditions and protect the environment.

With 40% of the world’s land used for food production, wider adoption of regenerative, climate-smart farming
methods and practices, can reduce net carbon emissions, reclaim arid and high alkaline land, and improve water quality on a worldwide scale.

Many companies find it challenging to bring new technologies to the global marketplace. Proof of concept, well-developed business plans, strategies and ongoing support are integral components of any technology advancement.

Rauch Organics provides advisory and management services that address complex market entry challenges. Services that are not based on pre-established “best-practices” but that incorporate practical, real world and on-the-ground experiences sourced from our internal team and from our global network of resources. We provide clients with essential expertise in assessing risk, identifying, and managing qualified resources and ensuring that a dynamic and effective technology development process is implemented and is governed and maintained by a comprehensive, practical, and fully implemented program.


Beginning with an initial assessment and understanding of our clients’ expectations and the complexities and
nuances of the proposed project, we develop findings, recommendations, solutions, clear goals, and conclusions, for their consideration and decision. We continue to guide them through a process that is critical to a program’s success in stringent yet opportune and challenging business ecosystems.

Program Management

Transformational programs and strategies while promising prodigious value, often fail to fully deliver. Late delivery, budget overruns, and failure to meet expectations are often symptoms of poor program management.

Identifying and managing the precise balance between strategic and critical initiatives, and consistency in oversight are often the most complex, challenging, and time-sensitive components of a project.

Our program services deliver single point of leadership, administration of cross-functional cooperation, and offer end-to-end management, all designed to address the risks and complexities of key program and project

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